Working with Relcon Infrastructure means working in a team environment where each person and team is valued for the diverse skills, ideas and experiences they bring.

We understand, our employees are the key to our success and as a team, our focus is to ensure they feel safe, valued and fulfilled in the work that they do. Building a world class business takes leadership, experience and innovation.  We welcome those who embrace challenges as opportunities, thrive in dynamic environments and help elevate their teams.

We know that everything we do has an impact on people and the environment. Acting safely, responsibly and transparently is the very cornerstone of our culture and is central to the way we behave. Conducting business in an ethical manner is key to our success, enabling us to achieve our goal of sustainable growth whilst demonstrating social and economic responsibility, safeguarding our employees and protecting the environment.


Here’s just some of the reasons to join us for a rewarding career:

Our family ethos and respect for people

We are a family owned company founded over 45 years’ ago. Our values and our culture emphasise the importance of people, relationships, communities and the environment.  We work as a team to help everyone stay safe, stay healthy and stay well.

Our size, our agility and our diversity

Our business is diverse. We value diverse people too.  We’re small enough so you’ll really feel part of the team and large enough for you to see plenty of opportunity to grow.  You’ll also notice that we keep things simple without unnecessary bureaucracy.